Nashville, TN December 5, 2020 | Rich Smith

Prevention Systems and EquityHealth Align as a Channel Partner Healthcare Solution

Prevention Systems, a leading provider of population health management and provider solutions, is pleased to announce its inclusion of the EquityHealth solution component as a significant healthcare cost reduction and quality improvement toolset.
EquityHealth delivers a blueprint and smart-phone platform for employers and employees to improve the quality of the care they receive and reduce the overall cost of care by as much as 30%. These solutions assist employers that are frustrated with inconsistent quality and the never-ending increases in the cost of healthcare benefits and services. EquityHealth accomplishes this by helping employers, employees and their family members understand how to identify and consume only high-value services – and how to avoid waste, errors, overtreatment, overspending, misdiagnosis, and surprise medical bills.
Prevention Systems’ patented eDoc4U platform provides employees from diverse backgrounds a rich user experience that engages them in improved healthcare and lifestyle choices. eDoc4U intuitively captures personal health data, adapting to their needs and readiness to change, and informs users about preventive programs to improve health and wellbeing while lowering risks.
“We selected eDoc4U because of its comprehensive, evidence-based health risk assessment. Their acknowledgment of every member’s unique cultural attributes and their innate willingness to engage combine to truly empower employees to better manage their health,” said Richard Jung, CEO at EquityHealth. “We focus on partner relationships that solidly align with our business model. Prevention Systems delivers eDoc4U to employees in both English and Spanish at 6th-grade health literacy and can be customized for specific client requirements as a fully integrated solution.”
“We are excited to align with EquityHealth’s marketplace and employee engagement solutions to collaboratively steer members to high-value care,” said Rich Smith, CEO of Prevention Systems. “Changing healthcare culture in corporate America requires that both employers and employees be collectively accountable. EquityHealth’s platform improves quality and price transparency and enables better-informed decisions in their pursuit of high-value care. Engaging members in healthcare choice is a format that works.”

About Prevention Systems
Since 2002, Prevention Systems has provided innovative healthcare solutions to millions of individuals through benefit plans, health plans, health providers, and pharmacy benefit managers. The Prevention Systems team includes Board-certified internal medicine physicians who believe that research-proven standards of preventive medicine offer the best way to improve the health of individual patients, employer groups, and communities.

About EquityHealth
EquityHealth promotes and engages employees toward defined and vetted healthcare solutions that address significant and costly care issues which drive as much as 65% of healthcare spend. The company additionally reduces the administrative cost of volume-based billing with defined pricing and payment structure.

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