eDoc4U Mobile Version 2020 Release Announced

Nashville, TN August 28, 2020 | Rich Smith

eDoc4U Mobile Version 2020 Release Announced

Prevention Systems, a leading provider of population health management and provider solutions, announced today its mobile version of eDoc4U Personal Health Manager (PHM) for deployment to all clients in September of 2020. eDoc4U Mobile PHM allows users to complete and update their Health Risk Assessment, access their Dashboard, and engage with personal Health Awareness Programs on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers. Its responsive design dynamically adapts to optimize screen format, providing unparalleled user experience.
“Our new eDoc4U Mobile PHM makes it easier to access and take action wherever you go,” said Rich Smith, CEO of Prevention Systems. “Our clients can expect Prevention Systems’ to continue its efforts to invest in high-quality standards and continuous product enhancements to the eDoc4U platform.”
eDoc4U’s comprehensive platform deeply analyzes individual health conditions and lifestyles and engages users in prevention programs to improve their health. This offering has become extremely important for population health management during the COVID-19 pandemic, with underlying comorbidities and health risks leading to higher fatality rates and more severe health conditions. eDoc4U delivers its solution in both English and Spanish (6th-grade health literacy), can be customized for specific client requirements and is offered as a standalone or integrated solution. Clinical access thru eDoc4U’s Care Management Platform (CMP) allows physicians and coaches to effectively review and engage with users to determine best adherence goals and further follow up.

About Prevention Systems
Since 2002, Prevention Systems has provided innovative healthcare solutions to millions of individuals through benefit plans, health plans, health providers, and pharmacy benefit managers. The Prevention Systems team includes Board-certified internal medicine physicians who believe that research-proven standards of preventive medicine offer the best way to improve the health of individual patients, employer groups, and communities.

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