Lipscomb University Implements New Health & Wellness Portal

Lipscomb University Implements New Health and Wellness Portal

Nashville, TN November 4, 2014 – eDoc4U and The Visibility Company announce they have delivered to Lipscomb University an integrated portal for personalized wellness and preventive care. eDoc4U’s Personal Health Manager and The Visibility Company’s Propel Wellness engagement platform combine the use of smart phones for social networking, team building, and a variety of engagement programs, activity trackers and incentive management tools.  Lipscomb employees now can track fitness activity and healthy behaviors, log related information and progress against goals, participate in competitions and challenges, and receive recognition and incentives. The Portal serves as a gateway for managing personal health, includes a health assessment, targeted educational programs, real-time automated incentive tracking, discussion and leader boards, blogs, and individual dashboards for monitoring wellness patterns, measurements and program status.

“This newly combined solution is a very powerful way to improve the health and wellbeing of our community,” said Stan Lowery, director of Lipscomb’s Human Resources Department, which sponsors the program. “Leveraging the power of all these integrated features in one program and coupling gaming and social networking with preventive care programs, this new platform will assist in raising visibility while engaging Lipscomb employees in healthier lifestyle habits.”

Lipscomb’s on-campus manager has enthusiastically received the program as well:

“We’re loving the work of eDoc4U and Propel!,” Anna Rose Robertson, Employee Wellness Director, said.  “They’ve done a fantastic job of servicing our needs while maintaining the integrity and purpose of our employee wellness program. This collaborative effort has provided a great opportunity to support the engagement of our 850–employee Lipscomb family in behaviors that truly make a difference in their health.”

eDoc4U’s patented technologies make it easy for members to understand their health risks, access personalized recommendations and educational programs, and better self-manage ongoing conditions. eDoc4U also helps users make lifestyle choices that prevent the onset of diseases identified uniquely for each participant as specific risks. The Visibility Company’s acclaimed Propel® engagement solution integrates with eDoc4U’s Personal Health Manager to create an exciting team-building environment, using gaming technology to identify and encourage healthier behaviors.

“Our integration with Propel allows clients to greatly expand their employee engagement in wellness and preventive care,” said Richard Smith, President, eDoc4U.  “Using social networking and smart phone tools motivates participants to lead healthier lifestyles.”

“We are excited to expand our capabilities with the addition of eDoc4U’s health management solution. This new configuration means participants get the best of both services, all in one environment,” said Bob Layne, President, The Visibility Company.


About eDoc4U

eDoc4U, a division of ConduIT Corporation based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a leading provider of NCQA certified web-based population health management solutions to better engage patients in preventive and chronic healthcare. Since 2002 eDoc4u has provided population health management solutions with integrated preventive care web services to millions through benefit plans, health plans, health providers, and pharmacy benefit managers. Its products empower patients and employees to optimize health by improving the quality and delivery of preventive care through “high tech, high touch” medical web strategies. The eDoc4U team includes Board-certified internal medicine physicians who believe that research-proven standards of preventive medicine offer the best way to improve the health of individual patients, employer groups and communities. To learn more about eDoc4U, please visit


About The Visibility Company

The Visibility Company has provided marketing, communications and technology-development services for the health and wellness industry since 2002. The Company’s proprietary Propel® platform drives industry-leading levels of employee health-and-wellness program engagement. Propel is a comprehensive wellness platform that gets customized for each client organization’s unique wellness program. Propel offers the following key features: Fully customizable portal with robust content management system; Fully customizable incentive-management program tools; Fully customizable tracking, competitions and gaming engine (including ranking, badges, “levelling up,” and other behavioral motivation strategies); Social networking features; Connectivity to more than 100 popular apps and hardware tracking devices and much more. Learn more at